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NEW : Danielle is joining a Wellness and Health Center in Lausanne in the continuity of

As of July 1st, I am pleased to announce I will be joining a team of therapists at the Wellness and Health Center in Lausanne. This center gathers over 30 practitioners at passage St.-François 12

Are you tired of going around in circles chasing the same problems all the time ?
Are you overwhelmed with choices and don't know which one to take ?
Do you feel you need support due to changes, challenges, or an ambitious project ?
Are you responsible for employees who have lost their sense of motivation, humor, don't seem to care, or are often absent?

At "12 Terre" in our warm, calm, relaxing and private offices, I receive many of the following types of clients:

  • Single parents, couples and employees who are facing challenges at work and need help to find alternative solutions.
  • Independent businessmen and women, therapists, artists and athletes who want to achieve specific goals, easier, quicker and with less stress.
  • Directors, managers and team leaders who would like to see situations from a different angle to come up with new strategies and improve their leadership abilities.

3 areas of difficulties and challenges that I am regularly asked to help.

  1. Stress Management
    • Measure stress levels, identify stress on 4 levels : body, emotional, mental and behavioral, and limit the dangers and damages that high stress levels can cause.
    • Prevent and overcome work related burnout, take care of mental and physical health and well-being.
    • Manage time, increase performance, adding more personal enjoyment
  2. Motivation and Team leadership
    • Help maintain high motivation, without burnout. Transforming difficulties (rocks) into situations that can be easily dealt with (seeds).
    • Develop leadership capabilities
    • Uncover and nourish passion, develop courage to become independent, public speaking
  3. Teambuilding Seminar
    • Clarify mission and vision statements, identify values, and set objectives that inspire and motivate clients to follow through on the action plan.
    • Identify the strenghts and specialties of each member of a team and develop specific skills.
    • Transform demotivating factors, define the ingredients of a high performance team.

Danielle Gossett offers an opportunity for anyone facing challenges to stop, relax and see things from a different angle. From here you will be able to formulate a new step by step action plan to successfully reach goals in an enjoyable and healthy manner.

The first 30 minutes meeting

What is really important to you at this moment ?
How do you evaluate your health ?

The first 30 minutes meeting is free and there are no obligations. During this meeting you will:

  1. Describe your actual needs and ask questions about GOS Coaching services
  2. Be able to verify that coaching is appropriate for you, now, and that you would be willing and comfortable to work with a coach.
  3. Discover if the role of your coach matches your needs.
  4. You will finish the meeting knowing what your next steps will be and be given your personal success plan.

Don't hesitate, call 079 708 45 11 to schedule your appointment with Danielle Gossett contact

  • Independent for over 10 years, certified professional coach with a global approach offering creative solutions.
  • Adult Trainer and pioneer since 2004, integrating Laughteryoga exercices into my seminars.
  • Mother of two 16 and 15 year old teenagers. We live together with my partner and his 13 year old son.

My role, mission, vision and services

My role :
Helping my clients unveil their talents and to help them accelerate projects and at the same time increasing personal energy.

My mission :
Helping my clients be healthy at work, energetic and have a clear vision of where they are going.

My vision :
Everyone is encouraged to take care of their mental health in the same manner as they take care of their physical bodies.

At your service for the following :

  • Motivation and Teambuilding Seminars with integration workshops and team leader follow-up session.
  • 4 to 8 sessions of individual coaching during a 3 to 6 months period = Available in a 6 or 12 hours package
  • One day coaching : observation of your skills, meal, relaxation, coaching and action plan